Sacred is an international ministry that works on the academic world. The Ministry started in movement in accordance with the plan God for the end of time (claiming the academic world in Jesus Christ) in Ethiopia. The vision was first born in the heart of the leaders and some members of ST. University College Students fellowship in 2006 G.C currently, the Ministry is licensed by the Ministry of Justice to carry out its vision in every state of the country. And also the Ministry is one of the members of Evangelical churches Fellowship of Ethiopia.

The name ‘SACRED’ has two meaning. The first one means holy and worthy to be accepted by all. The second one is an abbreviation which means

          S- Salivation
          A- Authority control
          C- Claiming the System

‘To head up the Academic world in Christ’
“… to head up all things in the Christ…”
                           Ephesians 1:10
Authority control
Claiming/Redeeming the system
- Excellence in Life
- Excellence in Mind
There are different types of members serving in the Ministry. Members of the Ministry could be staff, associate staffs and partners. Currently, there are 30 Staff members, 15 Associate Staff members and 28 partners.


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