Panal Discussion
Type of the Program:-
Panal Discussion
Title of the Program:-
"Christian Students and the Academic World"
Purpose of the Program:-
Equipping Christian students with the knowledge of
        - Purpose
        - Challenges
        - Opportunities
that await them as they join their respective educaitonal institutions.
Objective of the Program:-
Equipping Christian students with the above listed issues and enabling them to share what they have learnt as they return to their respective institutions
Firday May 5, 2006 (Ethiopian Patriots Day)
8:30am -3:00pm
Global hotel
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Type of Participants:-
Representative from 67 Christian Students' Fellowships, 7 leaders and others
Number of Participants:-
The objective of creating the awareness on the issues raised among the studetns was achieved; memorable fellowship and networking among the participants; visible motivation for doing further works together and others.
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