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Program content of the Exhibition
(The Exhibition is open for five days)
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Opening speech by government officials, church leaders, famous individuals, the media and others

Churches, ministries, Christian charities and developmental organizations will display the following in the 6/9 m2 area that will be given to each: -

  • Their Establishment
  • In the areas of Spiritual works,     development and others:-
  • Achievements
  • Pending activities
  • Planned activities
  • Various information
  • And others that can be displayed     to   the  spectators   in    writing,     pictures   (photographs)   Video,     fliers,   and   others
    Evangelism Festival
    Purpose of the Program : The Gospel was preached to yougsters and students, strengthening the spirtual unity between the Servants of God and the church, participating in a national agenda as it is our Christian and civic duty.

    Objective of the Program:-  Preaching the Gospel to people and having of them   accept    Jesus   Christ    as
    their savoir   and   seeing    them fellowshipping   at   the   churches in their    localities,    seeing     the   spirtual   unity   between   the servants of   God   and   the   church stronger than ever.

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